Hotel Quartershares

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The Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel offers fully deeded property with a unique quarter ownership program. Our studios, one- and two-bedroom, and penthouse condominiums are located within a full-service hotel. Each quarter provides the owner with seven days of usage, every fourth week - for a total of 13 weeks per year. 

How are the 13 weeks used?

Owners may choose to do one of three things with their weeks:

  1. Use the week by staying at Sugarloaf. 
  2. Rent the week (or use a portion and offer the rest to Sugarloaf's rental program).
  3. Exchange the week through RCI or Boyne Vacation Club/Interval International (see Owner Benefits).

Amenities & Services

Hotel amenities include 30-person outdoor hot tub, health and fitness spa with hot tubs, restaurant, conference rooms, and, of course, ski-in/ski-out location. Additional services include massage, child care, valet, hotel parking, and ski storage during your stay. 

The Hotel is designed to host groups, conferences, weddings, and events. Many of these take place during the week - ideal for contributing toward rental income.

Owner Benefits

What is Boyne Vacation Club?

Ownership at our Hotel opens up a world of possibilities through the Boyne Resorts network of properties and an affiliation with Interval International. New owners receive a complimentary membership to Boyne Vacation Club. Members can trade vacation time at a host of renowned resorts world-wide. Additionally, hundreds of dollars of preferred benefits are available on airlines, car rentals, theater and spa opportunities, hotels, and cruises. The choice is yours.

What is RCI?

Resort Condominiums International (RCI) is a second vacation club opportunity for hotel owners participating in the rental program. Affiliation with RCI allows owners to exchange their weeks with more than 3,300 resorts worldwide. The RCI exchange is an affordable way to enhance a vacation lifestyle. This program is run through a "week exchange" where owners deposit a week of hotel ownership for a week at another resort or cruise line. 

Space Available

Any time the Hotel is less than 90% occupied, our "in-house" Space Available program allows owners to use a comparable unit to their own at the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel, by simply paying a nightly housekeeping fee. Reservations may be made no sooner than 48 hours prior to your stay. Space Available may also be used at the Sunday River resort.